Thursday, October 4, 2012


 Here is the first door of the Adventure. My flat door. It's name is B and it has two sets of neighbors - A to the right & C to the left. Hailey, my "partner in crime" as our new friends call us, lives in A and a new friend, Tina, lives in C. We have 3 other flat mates as well (Steph, Brittany & Pam) & together, we run this hood. And when I say hood, I mean it. Our doors are located in the quaint neighborhood of Islington, London where we are surrounded by trillions of mediterranean restaurants, dollar shops & 24hour taxi services. We walk a mile to our local Underground station on Holloway Road & are probably a mere 5-10 minutes from anywhere in London. Besides the Underground you walk everywhere in London. It's pretty incredible to look around & see men in their suits & ties speed-walking to work & then girls pounding the pavement in stilettos. Hailey & I wear flat boots everyday & come home crying to soak our feet. But, we are in London. Thus we admire our blisters after everyday's walk, we laugh past our rain soaked faces, & we flip aside our Tube blown hair. As for 302B, thanks for welcoming me to the Adventure.

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  1. you are a great writer, hunter! i can't wait to
    see what door comes next.